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16 Best Employment Lawyers in San Francisco

16 Best Employment Lawyers in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its beautiful architecture, hilly landscapes, and innovative businesses. This list of the 16 Best SF Employment Law Firms should have content about this industry and what makes it special in the SF Bay Area. Why is this list free to read?

16 Best Employment Lawyers in San Francisco

Hooshmand Law Group (HLG) is a dedicated Employment Lawyers in SF, California firm that was formed with a core objective of helping members of the nation to recover their lost justice. Since its establishment, the firm has been focusing on recovering the justified value for its clients. HLG fight relentlessly to ensure clients have recovered as much as possible of their lost justice. Their efforts to uphold justice have been fruitful based on the track record of successful cases. Irrespective of the magnitude of the case presented to them by clients, HLG prepares each of them and presents the case to a jury whenever a defendant proves unreasonable in case resolution attempts. HLG handle all types of cases, including business harm, sexual abuse, environmental harm, etc. although the firm does not guarantee the outcomes, it has been achieving higher results for similar cases compared to other firms.

Svetlana M. Shirinova Attorney at Law can offer you the help and expertise you need. Svetlana focuses on business disputes and general civil litigation. She is a top choice for those exploring options for San Francisco Employee Rights Attorneys. Svetlana can help with employee discrimination, landlord issues, disputes in real estate, and other cases in the state of California. Backed by years of experience, Svetlana is motivated, professional, and knowledgeable. She’s a San Francisco Employee Rights Attorney committed to helping you understand all of your legal options. Rest assured that you are in good hands and know that Svetlana Shirinova Attorney at Law will fight for you and offer the support you deserve.

McCormack & Erlich
#3 of 16 Leading Employment Attorneys SF

McCormack & Erlich is one of the leading SF Employee Rights Law Firms. it serves San Francisco Bay area residents who are searching for knowledgeable and experienced employee rights lawyers. Some of the types of employee rights cases that this law firm handles include wage violation cases, sexual harassment cases, and alleged violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. The firm also litigates employment discrimination cases involving age, disability, pregnancy, race, and country of origin. McCormack & Erlich has two locations that conveniently located in San Francisco and in Oakland. This benefit offers clients easy access to knowledgeable employee rights lawyers who are ready to help right away. Moreover, their personalized service offers clients everything needed to ligate cases successfully. As a result, it is easy to see why many San Francisco Bay residents trust this law firm to litigate employee rights cases.

Spencer C. Young Law, PC offers support to clients throughout California. Spencer is a reliable option when looking at employment lawyers in San Francisco. He specializes in employment, civil rights, and personal injury law. This includes contract breaches, wage or hour disputes, wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, retaliation, premises liability, vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and other civil rights situations. Spencer has an impressive background that contributes to his expertise. He graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law and Golden Gate University Ageno School of Business. In addition to earning a joint degree, Spencer graduated with honors. After graduating, Spencer worked with two solo practitioners. During this time, he gained ample experience in personal injury law, civil rights litigation, employment law, and trials to support his career. Spencer combines service and loyalty to ensure those in need of an employment lawyer in San Francisco get the help they deserve.

Dunn & Panagotacos LLP is home to some of the best Employment Lawyers in SF. They are well-known for using a fact-based approach to examining legal issues involving employee rights that offers clients sensible ways to resolve employee rights cases. Some of the most common employee rights cases they handle regularly include cases involving workplace whistleblowers, alleged sexual harassment in the workplace, and cases involving unsuitable workplace conditions. They also represent employees who face discrimination in the workplace due to their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or disabilities. Dunn & Panagotacos LLP also has the expertise needed to help San Francisco-area businesses comply with all employment laws. Many firms hire these Employment Lawyers in SF to help them comply with employment laws because they offer a practical approach to complying with employment laws that is easy to understand. As a result, Dunn and Panagotacos regularly earns the highest ratings from the country’s leading legal organizations.

Jose Marin Law
#6 of 16 Top Employment Attorneys SF

Jose Marin Law offers representation to San Francisco, the Bay Area, and throughout the state of California. JML specializes in immigration services and employment services. Through immigration services, JML aims to help families stay together by helping immigrants come to the United States and obtain appropriate benefits. JML prioritizes all people in need, helping with a range of issues such as removal defense, bond hearings, asylum, cancellation of removal, marriage visas, family visas, employment authorizations, and much more. When looking at San Francisco employee rights attorneys, the firm is a reliable option. JML recognizes that all employees should be treated fairly without unlawful discrimination. The law firm can offer help with harassment, discrimination, family leave, medical leave, pregnancy leave, retaliation, misclassification, and other workplace issues. Jose Marin Law will fight to protect your rights and ensure you have the professional support you need.

Kitchin Legal
#7 of 16 Leading SF Employment Law Firms

Kitchin Legal, APC is a law firm representing clients in the San Francisco area. The firm focuses on employment counseling and litigation, offering support to those in need of legal help. The law firm has been advocating for individuals and businesses since 2000. If you’re dealing with an employment-related legal dispute, Kitchin can help you fight for your rights and achieve the compensation you’re entitled to. For example, the firm understands the hour and wage rights of workers in the restaurant and salon industries, where employees can struggle to maintain their rights. Businesses can also find help to ensure compliance with California’s labor laws. With a strong, successful history, the law firm has helped clients get results. When it comes to SF employee rights law firms, Kitchin Legal is a choice backed by ample expertise. If you have a concern regarding employment law, reach out today.

The Law Offices of Alan Adelman proudly represent employees with all sorts of employment law issues throughout San Francisco. The law firm has offered effective legal guidance and strong representation to employees across San Francisco and beyond. The employment lawyers at The Law Offices of Alan Adelman team up together when working to uphold employees’ rights. The lawyers understand that any employee, regardless of their job category, whether an engineer, sales representative or nurse, deserves the utmost respect when executing their duties in their places of employment. They provide legal representation, counseling, and advice to clients, who endure wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment. When employees are subjected to unethical behavior or unfair, illegal termination or harassment, especially in the workplace, they can turn to the firm’s lawyers for legal guidance and advice. The lawyers go above and beyond their duties to ensure clients get a just and fair representation in court.

The Law Offices of Traci M. Hinden is among the preeminent law firms for employment matters in San Francisco. Their attorneys are well-known for their expertise and skills in handling multiple employment disputes, including claims for unpaid salaries and wages, wrongful termination lawsuits, harassment, and non-solicitation issues. The Law Offices of Traci M. Hinden has an excellent reputation for successfully representing employees in employment disputes in the San Francisco area. Their lawyers are well-known for consistently achieving amazing outcomes for their clients. Board-Certified Employment Lawyers in SF! The law firm prides itself on having top-rated San Francisco employment lawyers who tirelessly fight for their clients’ rights inside and outside the court. The board-certified lawyers represent employee interests and rights for all aspects of employment and labor-related matters. When employees face any form of dispute that they cannot avoid, they should turn to the law firm to get the best legal counseling, representation, and advice.

Ribera Law Firm
#10 of 16 Leading Employment Lawyers SF

Ribera Law Firm is a San Francisco-based law firm that helps employees protect their rights and pursue justice against their employers. In the practice of employment law, Ribera lawyers represent workers from California and New York. San Francisco Employee Rights Attorneys is proud to be a part of this team of lawyers who offer their advice and services without charge to the workers we represent. Ribera Firm has been ranked by U.S News & World Report in the top tier of employment lawyers nationally. Ribera lawyers have successfully prevented and recovered against wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other employment-related legal claims. Ribera handled personal injury claims ranging from vehicle accidents to slips and falls. Jodi Ribera took employment matters such as wage and hour disputes and claims of sexual harassment. Recent case outcomes of Ribera Law Firm have proven to be effective in obtaining an enhanced level of compensation for the victims they help. Ribera lawyers have successfully obtained over $1 billion in monetary damages from the workers they represent.

The Armstrong Law Firm
#11 of 16 Top-Notch San Francisco Employment Attorneys

The Armstrong Law Firm is among the best and most reliable SF employee rights law firms in San Francisco. It’s a law firm that works on helping San Francisco-based employees who are treated unlawfully and unfairly in the workplace. The law firm has the most experienced employee rights attorneys in the area. They are committed to helping employees who become victims of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and workplace discrimination. The Armstrong Law Firm is dedicated solely to representing workers facing disputes with their bosses. Their clients include multiple employment disputes such as whistleblowers fighting compensation, executive and managers fighting to enforce the compensation terms of their occupational agreements, etc. When employees facing workplace mistreatment approach the law firm for legal help, they can rest knowing they have experts ready to do anything to help them receive fair compensation or judgment in the cases involving their employers.

Employees facing workplace issues, like harassment, discrimination, workplace conflict, or performance problems, can turn to Lepera + Associates, PC, in San Francisco for assistance. The law firm has a legal team well-known for being tough fighters for employees who feel their rights have been violated. Lepera + Associates is a law firm with experienced employment lawyers who pride themselves in helping clients emerge victorious in some of the hotly contested and complex cases against their employers. The lawyers represent victims of workplace malpractice cases through counseling, negotiation, and litigation. Employment Lawyers San Francisco The law firm’s San Francisco attorneys can advise employees on their rights in their job environment, including helping them enforce their rights to free themselves from sexual harassment, discrimination, wage/overtime, and hour violations, reasonable accommodations, and any other form of illegal conduct in their place of employment. Employees in San Francisco who believe they have employment law claims should seek legal help from the law firm.

ILG Legal Office
#13 of 16 Top Employment Lawyers SF

ILG Legal Office – San Francisco employment attorneys help people navigate employment and consumer law and all that they are going through with it. The attorneys offer litigation as well as pre-litigation counseling. They are there every step of the way for those who have been discriminated against or are dealing with other legal issues. The employment lawyers in SF know what the laws are for paying overtime for workers, the reasons someone can and cannot legally be terminated, and when employees should take things to court.

When you become a victim of occupational misconduct such as discrimination, harassment, etc., it would be best to seek legal justice. The Law Offices of Daniel Feder is your go-to place when looking for the most experienced, reliable San Francisco employee rights attorneys. The law firm skillfully disputes multiple claims arising from workplace malpractices on behalf of suffering employees. The employee rights attorneys of the law offices of Daniel Feder provide legal advice, counseling, and representation to employees who feel their employers are putting their rights and dignity at stake. The full-service law firm has the most reliable employment rights attorneys in California, with a victory record in several practice areas, especially those concerning employment rights in San Francisco. The law firm’s mission is to ensure your rights as an employee are safeguarded, and your seniors can hear your voice. You can contact the law firm directly if you have any questions about their practice areas.

Khadder Law Firm
#15 of 16 Top-Notch Employment Attorneys SF

Introduction Khadder Law Firm is a San Francisco-based SF Employee Rights Law firm. The attorneys at Khadder Firm are experienced in employment law, from employee rights to wrongful termination. Khadder Law has always strived to maintain high ethical standards and professionalism. We take pride in serving our clients as diligent representatives of their interests and truthfully communicate the most accurate information. SF Employee Rights Law Firms offer affordable legal and employee rights services to all individuals who may encounter problems with the employment law process. The attorneys at Khadder Law Firm are experienced in employment law, from employee rights to wrongful termination. They work to help you seek justice in all matters such as wrongful termination, employee rights, intellectual property, harassment, depression, and concussions. Their firm has a rich background in representing individual clients’ cases beyond the minimum requirements by law. To provide genuine services that respect their client’s time and money, they recommend that you work with their firm on a case-by-case basis as they do not work on a project basis.

Leigh Law Group
#16 of 16 Best Employment Lawyers SF

Leigh Law Group is an Employment Lawyers San Francisco located in San Francisco, a personal injury law firm handling cases. Automotive, motorcycle, trucking, premises liability, and aviation cases. Their lawyers work to learn the truth and determine the root cause of what happened to you or your loved ones. They have extensive experience in personal injury lawsuits, including workers’ compensation claims. If you’ve got involved in an accident, don’t wait another minute to contact their firm today. They will talk with you about your case and tell you what legal options are available to decide how best to proceed with this challenging time in your life. Employment lawyers in San Francisco are available to answer questions about the legal process regarding how you may be able to regain your employment with a qualified business. It can be months or even years after the accident that injured you.



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