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Florida Divorce Lawyer Russell D. Knight Discusses Annulment in Florida

Florida Divorce Lawyer Russell D. Knight Discusses Annulment in Florida

Florida divorce attorney Russell D. Knight ( releases a new posting explaining regardless of whether an annulment is doable in Florida. The lawyer mentions that according to the Black’s Regulation Dictionary, an annulment signifies an party or judgment that is addressed as if it never ever occurred. Marriage annulment will make a marriage vanish as however it never took place in the very first place.

“Fraud is a person of the number of grounds for annulment. Fraud is the earning of intentional misrepresentation, with the knowledge that the other get together will count on it, and attaining the other party’s consent as a result. Fundamentally, lying about anything significant in order to get the other man or woman to marry you,” states the Florida divorce law firm.

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The process for getting an annulment in Florida is identical to the process for obtaining a divorce. The partner searching for the annulment ought to file a petition with the court, stating the grounds for the annulment. The other partner will then have the prospect to reply to the petition. If each parties agree to the annulment, the approach can be fairly swift and easy. Nonetheless, if there is disagreement, the circumstance might go to trial, wherever a judge will determine whether or not the marriage should be annulled.

A single critical difference amongst divorce and annulment is the impact on home division and alimony. In a divorce, the courtroom will divide the couple’s assets and debts and may well award alimony to one particular partner. In an annulment, nonetheless, the courtroom will not divide residence or award alimony, as the relationship is viewed as to have never existed. This implies that any assets or money owed gathered during the relationship will remain with the specific spouse.

It is also worthy of noting that an annulment does not have an impact on the legitimacy of any youngsters born through the relationship. The courtroom will nonetheless have jurisdiction about little one custody and help issues in an annulment case.

And lastly, the Florida divorce attorney stresses that it is significant to seek the advice of an seasoned legal professional when dealing with issues these kinds of as a divorce or an annulment. A skilled legal professional may well be able to assist clientele recognize their rights and responsibilities in the course of the divorce or separation system.

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