May 17, 2024

Thinking about the ‘giving’ in ‘Thanksgiving’

Thinking about the ‘giving’ in ‘Thanksgiving’

What improved time than now to consider about the “giving” section of Thanksgiving — that is, providing to charity.

It turns out that folks make the greatest effect when it will come to charitable donations. In 2021, men and women contributed $326.87 billion to charity, accounting for 67.4% of total charitable contributions, in accordance to Providing USA’s 2022 Yearly Report on Philanthropy (

Foundations accounted for $90.88 billion (18.7% of the overall), bequests $46.01 billion (9.4%) and businesses $21.08 billion (4.3%).

If your spouse and children is new to charitable gifting, Thanksgiving offers the great prospect to discuss about causes, from aiding war-torn communities in locations these kinds of as Ukraine to most cancers investigation, regional hospitals and hurt armed service staff, just to identify a several. To do some exploration, a helpful resource might be Charity Navigator (, a charity evaluator.