May 17, 2024

Why You Should Hire an Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Why You Should Hire an Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A traffic ticket may seem like a minor annoyance. However, it can have serious consequences. A knowledgeable Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer can help you resolve your case quickly and effectively.

Some people think it’s best to pay their citation online and avoid going to traffic court. But this approach is penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Avoiding Points on Your Driver’s License

A Georgia traffic ticket lawyer can help you avoid points on your driver’s license. If you pay a traffic ticket, you are effectively pleading guilty and may receive penalty points on your driving record that will lead to higher insurance rates and could even result in suspension of your driver’s license.

Atlanta traffic lawyers can sometimes get your speeding violation reduced to a non-reporting offense that will not appear on your record. They can also negotiate with the prosecutor to have your conviction amended to a minor misdemeanor and avoid a suspension of your driver’s license.

Traffic ticket attorneys can represent you in court without you having to take time off work or find childcare to attend your trial. They have relationships with the city’s prosecutors and know what tactics they will use to get your case resolved quickly and fairly. They can also resolve cases online for some violations. The City of Atlanta is now offering online case resolution for eligible violations.

Avoiding Higher Insurance Rates

In Georgia, most traffic offenses are misdemeanor crimes that carry penalties such as fines and points on the driver’s license. However, a conviction for some traffic violations can escalate to felony charges, which may stay on your permanent record for years and cause you to pay much higher auto insurance rates.

An Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer can help you avoid a conviction for a traffic violation that will raise your insurance rates. In addition, the attorney can often negotiate a reduction in your violation charge so that it does not result in additional points on your driving record or costly fines.

If your citation occurred within the city limits of any municipality in Georgia, your case will be handled in City (Municipal) Court. It is important to consult with a traffic ticket lawyer who knows the judges and prosecutors in Municipal Court. An experienced Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer will be able to advise you as to whether it is best to fight your case in City Court or move the case to a higher county court.

Avoiding Jail Time

Driving is a necessary part of life, whether it’s for work, going to school, running errands, or taking a vacation. However, even a single traffic violation can have major consequences on your record and insurance rates. If you have a traffic ticket, an Atlanta traffic lawyer can help you keep your record clean and avoid serious penalties. They can review your case, including the evidence presented by the police officer and any extenuating circumstances, to argue that you did not deserve a traffic ticket.

Getting a traffic ticket can seem like a minor inconvenience, especially when you are tempted to just pay the fine online or by mail. However, doing so could result in points on your driver’s license, higher insurance rates, and even jail time if you have enough offenses on your record. You may also be facing a suspension of your driver’s license in Georgia, which is a misdemeanor criminal offense. It’s important to fight a traffic ticket as soon as possible to ensure your rights and future are protected.

Avoiding Suspension of Your License

A traffic ticket in Georgia can have many different consequences. Some may only require a fine, but others can lead to the suspension of your license, higher insurance rates or even jail time. It’s important to consult with a traffic ticket attorney right away so that you understand all of the potential ramifications of your case.

In most cases, traffic violations are heard in municipal courts or recorder’s courts. These are often some of the busiest courthouses in the state, which means that fighting a ticket will require you to take time off work and travel to the courthouse.

An experienced Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer can help you avoid these inconveniences by handling your case on your behalf. An attorney may be able to negotiate with the judge for a zero point order (where the offense appears on your driving record but no points are assessed), or possibly a reduction in your base fine for the violation.