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Navigating Divorce and Child Custody Matters with Davalos Law Firm PC, a Stockton Family Law Attorney

Navigating Divorce and Child Custody Matters with Davalos Law Firm PC, a Stockton Family Law Attorney

Stockton, CA – (NewMediaWire) – February 21, 2023 – (Stockton, CA) – (NewMediaWire) – February 21, 2023 – Although some couples may not fear getting divorced, they are not proud of it and typically shy away from discussing the matter. During a divorce most families/couples expierence a number of problems, including getting back on track, prioritizing their children’s needs, and dividing finances/properties. Most divorce cases are emotionally draining, requiring extensive paperwork, legal knowledge, court appearances, uncomfortable compromises, negotiations, and mediation. Family law is even more complex as it covers a range of things including property division, child custody, and health/life insurance.

Understanding these truths, Attorney Brian Davalos, the founder of Davalos Law Firm PC, listens to his clients’ concerns, frustrations and desired outcomes. He does his best to fight for the best possible outcome which allows his clients to separate in good spirits from thier spouse rather than parting on bitter terms. His goal is to lessen client stresses by communicating openly, prioritizing honesty, and maintaining integrity throughout the representation.

Child custody issues can turn divorce cases from civil to ugly due to emotional and legal intricacies affecting one’s peace of mind. Divorcing parents have difficulty reconciling with the fact that divorce may mean they see their children less than they did before the separation. Splitting custody determines which parent pays child support, how much, and how frequently. A family law attorney leverages their mediation skills during negotiation to help parents draft custody/support agreements that work for the child and the family. Attorney Brian Davalos considers the parents’ sources of income, the children’s lifestyle before the divorce, physical/medical needs, ages, school districts, and parents’ physical/mental well-being during child custody/support hearings.

Although children typically do not have the final say in where they will reside, their attorney can still take into account their concerns if they are of a certain age. Davalos Law Firm PC then presents the case in court, where a judge considers all the evidence, including statements from attorneys and divorcing parents, before making a ruling based on the family’s circumstances. In California, courts allow minor children of a certain age to express their preferences to the judge regarding which parent they would like to live with. Attorney Brian Davalos also assists adult children in making their own choices, addresses child support arears, and handles unique family situations that may impact the outcome of a divorce case.

At the onset of divorce, Davalos Law Firm PC advises clients to take inventory of their assets, from cars to real estate, stocks, life insurance, retirement benefits, trust funds, and many more. When couples divorce, assets purchased during a marriage are considered community property. Since divorce can be messy, clients may lose track of the items they paid for and rightfully own. Attorney Brian Davalos mediates to help couples decide how to divide property, handle their insurance matters, secure their children’s futures, set up trust accounts, and resolve marriage debt, so they and their children get a fair settlement.

The Stockton family lawyers recognize that a prenuptial agreement does not signify the absence of love in a marriage, and although they don’t wish to take the romance out of a relationship, they understand its practical importance in case the marriage dissolves. A prenup can define the terms of separation or divorce, including consequences for contract breaches and division of property, such as pets, collectibles, furniture, and assets acquired prior to the marriage.

Besides family law and divorce, Davalos Law Firm PC creates litigation strategies for civil and criminal disputes. Whether it’s defending a client through mitigation of liability or prosecuting claims through judgment and trial, Attorney Brian Davalos and his team offer guidance and legal services. They also help clients navigate complex and intricate California law areas of real estate litigation, such as landlord-tenant issues, foreclosure defense, lease agreements, evictions, and many more.

Discuss divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and child/spousal support with Attorney Brian Davalos by calling (209) 400-4517. Davalos Law Firm PC is at 2502 Beverly Pl, Stockton, CA, 95204, US. Visit the family law firm’s website for more information.

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