June 18, 2024

Top-Rated UUW Defense Attorneys

Top-Rated UUW Defense Attorneys

The penalties for a UUW conviction can vary depending on the type of weapon and where it was possessed. For example, carrying a gun without an FOID card is a misdemeanor but carrying a gun within 1,000 feet of a school can be a class 3 felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

James Dimeas

James Dimeas is a top-rated UUW defense attorney with over 29 years of experience. He has a proven track record of winning cases in the Daley Center and other Chicago courthouses. His clients have been featured on WGN News, the Chicago Sun-Times, and other local media outlets. He is a member of the Illinois Bar Association and the Federal Trial Bar for the Northern District of Illinois.

A conviction of UUW or Aggravated UUW can be a serious criminal offense and could follow you for the rest of your life. It will appear on your background check and can prevent you from getting a job or moving to another state. It is important to get a seasoned UUW defense lawyer on your side immediately.

Many out-of-state residents come to Illinois and do not understand that while their gun may be legal in their home state, they must comply with the strict laws of Illinois. They end up being arrested for having a weapon on their person or in their vehicle and charged with UUW or Aggravated UUW.

Derrick Reese

Derrick Reese is a criminal lawyer who works hard to protect his clients’ rights. He is experienced in defending against gun charges and specializes in UUW cases. He understands the serious consequences of a conviction and is dedicated to getting his clients the best possible outcome for their case.

He is also skilled at defending against felony charges, including Armed Habitual Criminal, which is a class x felony and carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. He has been in practice for more than 20 years and is a top-rated attorney in Illinois.

He has litigated extensively in the district court, and is a recognized authority on drug trafficking law.

Jack L. Zaremba

Jack Zaremba is a former prosecutor that understands the State’s legal process and will utilize this experience to your advantage. His keen specialty knowledge will help you better understand your best legal options and defend you aggressively no matter the case’s circumstances. He will work tirelessly on your behalf through ongoing continuances to ensure that the proper and relevant evidence is compiled for your case’s best defense.

He has defended hundreds of clients with criminal cases including DUI, drug offenses and juvenile crimes. He has acted as first chair on over fifty bench trials and has a courtroom demeanor that has been described as electrifying.

Dr. Jack Zaremba, MD is a Internal Medicine specialist in Birmingham, AL and has over 42 years of experience. He graduated from UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM. He accepts multiple insurance plans. He is affiliated with Grandview Medical Group. He provides telehealth services. His patients say that he listens to their concerns and makes them feel at ease.

Hirsch Law Group

Hirsch Law Group is a highly respected law firm that handles both criminal and civil litigation, including UUW defense cases. Attorney James Dimeas is a nationally-recognized and award-winning UUW attorney, with over 29 years of experience fighting UUW and Aggravated UUW charges in Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, and Lake County. He was also named a “Top 10 Criminal Defense Lawyer for Illinois” and a “Top 10 DUI Defense Attorney.”

The lawyers at Hirsch Law Group understand that the criminal justice system is not built in your favor, and it can be overwhelming to face a felony charge of UUW or any other crime in Illinois. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to fight your case to protect your freedom, your liberty and your future. They will use every available legal strategy to secure a favorable outcome for your case.